Artist and year

Kari Huhtamo, 1999.


Collection of the Kari Huhtamo Art Foundation

Technology, Materials and Size

Steel, 80 cm x 120 cm x 220 cm 


Steel sculpture Riitta is a good example of how two works sharing the same origin can turn out differently. Riitta’s sister sculpture Julia, also included in the collection displayed in Rovaniemi, is an almost ethereal line drawing made for a specific space. Riitta is clearly constructed of several pieces welded together but the result looks like a single steel sheet cut and folded to form. Whereas Julia makes you think of a winged female figure, perhaps an angel, Riitta’s outline emphasizes an undulating movement which makes it much more corporeal and down-to-earth.

These sculptures are rare cases in Huhtamo’s artistic practice with a recognisable model in classical sculpture: the Nike of Samothrace, an allegory of victory, carved by Greek sculptor Pythocritus about 2200 years ago.