Artist and year

Kari Huhtamo, 1999.


Collection of the Kari Huhtamo Art Foundation

Technology, Materials and Size

Steel, 65 cm x 130 cm x 7 cm


The fruit sculptures represent a distinct genre in Kari Huhtamo’s artistic practice. They are not attached to ground, wall or base, but, instead, they hang on wires like mobiles. The impression created by this unusual presentation is a likely inspiration for their titles, as well. The Fruit sculptures create an impression of a giant pod or a strange fruit discovered by Huhtamo’s rich imagination on another planet, in a world where stainless steel replaces chlorophyll and flowers bloom forever.

The technical implementation of Fruits I is very straightforward. It involves systematic cutting and folding of a steel sheet in a way that makes the two-dimensional outline unfold into space and volume.