Designed to bring our public artworks closer to visitors, the University of Lapland’s Art Walk introduces information, online and other resources, as well as guided tours of the artworks on display throughout campus. In collaboration with the Kari Huhtamo Art Foundation, we have made efforts to bring our art into the life of the university community and anyone interested in contemporary art.

The University of Lapland's Art Walk is open Monday to Friday 7:30am–8pm and 8am–3pm on Saturday.


Contemporary artworks from various collections are brought together in the University of Lapland’s spaces. Sculptures, paintings, graphic art, and other works dating from the 1970s to the present are showcased in public spaces across campus. We want to emphasize their dialogue with the university itself, as well as with the architecture and northern nature.

The Art Walk starts from the Agora square of the Faculty of Art and Design and takes through the campus ground floor to the main entrance and lobby. The Map shows the artworks´ locations and, on the spot, one can find info signs with QR -codes. The website also includes other resources and information on the guided tours.